What Has Happened…

Perhaps it has something to do with being a performing composer where gigs seem to be like buses: none for quite a while, then a lot all at once! I was hoping to write a post before the following happened, but better documented than neglected I suppose:

3/10/14: My Project Re-Rite collaboration with Hannah & Amy Buckley was shown again at Bish Bash Bosh in the foyer as part of a wonderful evening of contemporary dance. Actually, it was one of the most exciting setups for an evening that I have seen recently, and I think there’s a lot that could have been learned by those in the music world from it. Below is a clip from the film, courtesy of Amy Buckley:

9/10/14: An RNCM Brand New Day featuring my new orchestral piece “One Cliché After Another” conducted by Piero Lombardi, which has already gained notoriety! I’ll hopefully upload bits of this soon.

10/10/14: I took part in the first of ACM Ensemble’s Living Room Gigs. These are essentially closed workshops with ACM players (plus Michael and Vitalija of course!), and each of the players take it in turn to organise an evening at their house where ideas are tested etc. It seems a bit like the invention of the iPad: people know that it will be very useful, but precisely how remains open. I certainly have plans to test out some “Sketch” pieces when it comes round to being in my living room…

12/10/14: A reunion with Sounds of the Engine House for their composition competition workshops. Three composers were chosen for the final workshops from over 80 submissions and hopefully it was useful for the composers Andrew Crossley, Francesca Le Lohé and Yfat Soul Zisso who were selected.

15/10/14: Was used throughout the night in the second Classical Evolution gig in Night & Day Café, with an impromptu rendition of the Albinoni Oboe Concerto in D minor alongside my more standard calling as a new music oboist with a set featuring my flute and oboe duet “Hybrid Sounds” (which was given its first outing with flautist Maria Chybowska) and “Inhibited Tendencies” for solo oboe.

Next (after I get some more coffee!), what will happen…

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